• Universal Banker

  • First State Bank
    Job Description
    • Efficiently and correctly performs all teller position responsibilities: 
      • Receives checks and cash for deposit, verifies amounts, and examines checks for endorsements and validity.
      • Cash’s checks and pays out money after verification of signatures and customer balances.
      • Enters customer’s transactions using teller software to record transactions, and issues receipts.
      • Has through knowledge of Reg CC and places holds on accounts for uncollected funds if applicable.
      • Maintains daily supply of teller drawer cash and accurately counts all incoming and outgoing cash.
      • Balances currency, coin, and checks in cash drawer at end of shift and compares totaled amounts with data displayed on teller machine.
      • Has full knowledge of the different account types offered to customers.  Can readily promote and sell products and services.
      • Removes deposits from the night depository, counts and balances cash in, and receipts each deposit while maintain dual control procedures.
      • Accurately accepts and applies loan payments.
      • Receives and completes transfers on credit card advances.
      • Accepts and handles ancillary processes including the issuance of Cashier’s checks and customer change orders.
    • Efficiently and correctly perform all Customer Service Representative responsibilities:
      • Provides information to new, existing, and prospective customers regarding account information, interest rates, account charges, and other pertinent account information.
      • Expertly processes and opens new accounts including DDA, Savings, Time Deposits and IRA’s.
      • Assists with Safe Deposit Boxes, Merchant Credit Cards, and requests for wire transfers.
      • Has a full understanding of debit card processing including the ordering or new cards and processing customer disputes.
      • Responds to all customer bookkeeping questions and resolves any problems which may occur including the reconciliation of bank statements, requests for statement images, copies of items, placing and removing orders of stop payments and any other customer request.
      • Fills in for and backs up the new accounts area and fellow Customer Service Representatives in all capacities. 
      • Has the ability to prepare and compile new customer applications and information needed to open new accounts.
      • Fills in for and backs up the Safe Deposit Box functions including opening new boxes, billing, customer access and closing boxes as needed.
    • As needed, will perform as a backup for Loan Department staff by being knowledgeable on how to explain and distribute all types of loan applications. 
      • Be knowledgably of the loan application process.
      • Administer credit reports and process all fresh start loans.
    • Other duties as assigned.
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