• Audio Visual Technician (Part Time)-First Methodist of Forney

  • City of Forney
    Job Description
    Audio Visual Technician
    First Methodist of Forney
    Forney, TX
    The Audio Visual Technician is responsible for overseeing audio/visual production and
    streaming for Sunday morning worship services at First Methodist of Forney, Forney, TX.
    This is a part time position at approximately four (4) hours per week on Sunday mornings
    (approximately 8 a.m. to Noon) and pays $400/month. Additional hours may be requested as
    needed for special events or worship services (funerals, festival services such as Christmas Eve
    and Holy Week, etc).
    This is a salaried, non-exempt position. Four (4) hours of work are guaranteed for each Sunday
    morning, regardless if the time required is less than four hours on a given week.
    Primary Responsibilities
     Oversee audio visual/production and streaming for Sunday morning services each week,
    and other special events and services as requested (funerals, extra worship services during
    holidays, concerts, etc).
     Set up microphones and other sound equipment before service or event begins, based on
    the needs of the day. Communicate with Director of Music about microphone and service
    music needs.
     Conduct sound check with musicians before service, checking for online and house sound,
    and complete sound script for youth soundboard volunteer.
     Supervise youth soundboard volunteer.
     Troubleshoot any issues with sound and soundboard.
     Plan out camera angles and scenes based on the worship service. Collaborate with
    worship leaders as needed regarding movement and blocking during the worship service.
     Start and monitor live stream to all streaming platforms designated.
     Run cameras during worship.
     After worship, end the livestream, put away microphones and other equipment, and turn
    off any cameras, computers, etc.
     Keep track of any and all audio/visual needs, and maintain equipment accordingly (i.e.
    replace batteries on wireless mics as needed, and let the church office know of any
    needed supplies).
     Unless ill or faced with an emergency, let the Director of Communications know if you are
    unavailable on a Sunday with at least two (2) weeks advanced notice. The audio/visual
    technician may be given the responsibility of finding suitable substitutes and training then,
    depending on their experience level.