• Why Join The Forney Chamber of Commerce

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Ribbon cuttings organized by the Forney Chamber of Commerce serve as a vital networking opportunity for local businesses, allowing them to establish connections within the community. These events create a celebratory atmosphere, fostering goodwill and support for newly opened or expanded businesses. By showcasing these businesses through ribbon cuttings, the Chamber helps generate publicity and exposure, contributing to their success. Additionally, ribbon cuttings symbolize economic growth and investment in the community, reinforcing the Chamber's role in promoting local prosperity.

    Monthly Partnership Luncheons

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce hosts a monthly luncheon, a highly anticipated event in our community, where local businesses and professionals come together. Attendees enjoy a delicious catered lunch while engaging in meaningful conversations and exchanging ideas. Each luncheon features a distinguished guest speaker who shares insights, expertise, and inspiration, enhancing the overall networking experience. It is an excellent opportunity for forging new connections, fostering partnerships, and staying updated with the latest trends and developments in various industries.

    Cheers with the Chamber

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce organizes a monthly happy hour at a local business, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for networking. Business owners, professionals, and community members gather to unwind, socialize, and build valuable relationships in a casual setting. This regular event offers a great chance for attendees to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations, and stay connected with the dynamic business landscape of Forney. With its vibrant ambiance and friendly faces, the happy hour fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among participants, making it a must-attend occasion for those looking to expand their professional circles.

    Forney Young Professionals

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce takes pride in its affiliate group, Forney Young Professionals, dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders. Meeting monthly, this dynamic group engages in discussions on essential skills and topics that propel young professionals toward success in both their careers and personal lives. Through mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities, Forney Young Professionals provides a supportive platform for growth, fostering a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals eager to make a positive impact on the Forney business landscape. Whether through career development or personal enrichment, this initiative ensures that the future leaders of Forney thrive and flourish.

    Chamber Connect & Learns

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly events known as Chamber Connect and Learns, dedicated to providing tutorials on programs and skills beneficial for businesses. These gatherings serve as valuable opportunities for members to enhance their knowledge and expertise in various aspects of business operations. The Chamber Connect and Learns aim to foster a supportive and informed business community by offering practical insights into relevant programs and skills. 

    Coffee & the Economy

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce collaborates closely with the Forney Economic Development Corporation to keep local business leaders informed about upcoming projects and vital updates on the thriving local economy. Through our monthly meetings, we offer a valuable platform for sharing critical insights and fostering meaningful dialogue. To make these gatherings even more enjoyable, we provide complimentary breakfast tacos and coffee, creating a welcoming and energizing environment for all attendees. By working hand in hand with the Forney Economic Development Corporation, we aim to empower our business community with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive and contribute to Forney's continued prosperity.

    Industry Specific Roundtables 

    At the Forney Chamber of Commerce, collaboration is key, and our Round Tables exemplify this commitment. Working hand in hand with the Forney Economic Development Corporation, we convene small groups of industry professionals to delve into topics crucial to their specific businesses. These focused discussions cover a wide range of areas, including supply chain management, employment challenges, upcoming projects, emerging trends, and pressing issues. By leveraging our combined resources, we aim to find innovative solutions and provide support tailored to the unique needs of each industry, ensuring the success and growth of businesses in Forney.

    Customizable Online Directory Listing

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce goes above and beyond to empower our Partners with enhanced online visibility. Through our customizable Directory Listing feature, Partners can showcase their brand in a compelling way by including their website, logo, and social media links. Additionally, they have the flexibility to add captivating pictures and engaging videos, creating a dynamic online presence. By optimizing their listings, Partners can significantly boost their SEO rankings, attracting more potential customers and furthering their business success within the Forney community.

    Forney Chamber of Commerce Printed Directory Listing

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce provides partners with automatic inclusion in their annual printed Directory, ensuring visibility among local residents and businesses. Additionally, Partners have the option to further amplify their marketing efforts by purchasing enhanced advertisements in the Directory. This dual opportunity allows businesses to maximize their exposure, solidify their presence in the community, and drive growth through targeted marketing strategies.

    Weekly Newsletters

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce values effective communication with our esteemed Partners, and our weekly newsletter, Chamber Chat, serves as a vital conduit for sharing essential information. In Chamber Chat, we feature new Partners, celebrate renewing Partners, and keep everyone informed about upcoming events and activities. Additionally, we offer our Partners the opportunity to showcase their businesses by submitting business flyers and event details, which we gladly publish in the newsletter. Chamber Chat is our way of fostering strong connections within the community and promoting the growth and success of our valued Partners in Forney.

    Event Listings

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting the business community and promoting local events. As part of our commitment, we offer a valuable feature that allows our Partners to post their business event listings directly on our website. This service enables our Partners to reach a wider audience and effectively promote their events within Forney and beyond. By providing this platform, we aim to foster community engagement and collaboration while helping our Partners maximize the success of their business events.

    Job Postings

    At the Forney Chamber of Commerce, we believe in supporting our Partners in every aspect of their growth, including hiring the best talent. As part of this commitment, we offer an exclusive feature that allows our Partners to post their job listings directly on our website. This service not only benefits our Partners by reaching a targeted local audience but also benefits job seekers by providing them with access to exciting career opportunities within our community. By facilitating this direct job posting service, we aim to strengthen the local workforce and promote economic development in Forney.

    Annual Auction & Casino Night

    The Forney Chamber of Commerce hosts an exciting and highly anticipated annual event, the Civic Auction and Casino night. This event not only provides a thrilling and enjoyable evening for attendees but also serves as an excellent sponsorship and networking opportunity for businesses and professionals in our community. The funds raised during the auction and casino games are channeled towards future Chamber projects, allowing us to continue supporting and enriching the Forney business landscape. By bringing together the community in a spirit of camaraderie and fun, we reinforce the bonds that make Forney a vibrant and thriving place for everyone involved.

    Annual Golf Tournament

    Fore! The Forney Chamber of Commerce swings into action each year with our highly anticipated annual Golf Tournament. This par-fect event offers a hole-in-one sponsorship opportunity for businesses looking to drive their brand exposure while networking with fellow enthusiasts. With golf clubs in hand and spirits high, participants tee off for a day of birdies, bogeys, and laughs, all while supporting our community. The funds raised during this tee-rific tournament drive us towards future Chamber projects that ensure Forney remains in the swing of success!


    At the Forney Chamber of Commerce, we are deeply committed to promoting business-positive legislation and policies that drive economic growth and prosperity in our community. Annually, we make our way to Austin, Texas, to actively lobby and advocate on behalf of our members' interests. Our active involvement in the Kaufman County Leadership Council further strengthens our collective voice, allowing us to influence decisions that have a positive impact on businesses in Forney and the wider county. By actively engaging in the legislative process, we ensure that the voices of our local business community are heard and considered, fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and flourish.